Market Update November 2 2022

We remain convinced gold assets are just biding time before sentiment shifts away from the U.S. dollar. Most likely, it will be the point the Federal Reserve abandons its inflation fight in favor of fighting off systemic risks in the credit markets, in our opinion.  Please enjoy our latest thoughts.

 Greg Orrell | President | OCM Gold Fund

As of 11.2.22

OCM Gold Investment Thesis Summary:

  • Impact of Federal Reserve’s extraordinary monetary policy measures playing out as evidenced through inflation
  •  Inflation – a monetary issue made worse from structural issues
  • Gold was the best performing  asset in the 1970’s stagflation period
  • Fed likely to pivot as political pressures overwhelm Powell and Board Governors. Fed institutional credibility on the line – fight inflation or avert systemic risks. 
  • Record sovereign debt levels leave central banks few alternatives but to monetize debt through balance sheet expansion or risk massive deflationary forces.
  • Freezing of Russian central bank assets weaponized the U.S. dollar creating demand for neutral reserve assets – Gold
  • Financial asset declines remove opportunity cost of holding gold assets.
  • Historically high equity valuations reverting to mean as margins face contraction and growth expectations fade.
  • US Treasury Bonds no longer risk-off portfolio hedge.
  • Crypto assets exposed as risk asset – not store of value.
  • Gold is an under-owned investment asset despite providing superior returns to S&P 500 since 1971.
  • China and Russia spearheading a new world monetary order to disrupt dollar hegemony. A battle between producers of real assets versus producers of financial assets – East vs. West. Chinese and Russian gold accumulation over the past two decades may prove to be at the center of a new monetary order. 


Precious Mining Equities Investment Thesis Summary:

  • Historically undervalued versus both gold and broad equities (S&P 500)
  • Gold resources in the ground being valued at $30 per ounce – similar to 2001 when gold was $300/oz. An indication of washed out sentiment toward the sector.
  • Market appreciation of gold reserves in the ground set to increase if Comex ability to meet physical delivery of paper contracts is compromised in higher gold price environment
  • Precious metals equities historically outperform S&P 500 in the ten/eleven-year period following peaks in consumer confidence. Consumer confidence peaked in 2018.
  • Precious metals industry major and intermediate producers with strong relative balance sheets and improved capital discipline compared to past gold bull market cycles.
  • In an environment of rising gold prices and economic contraction, precious metal miners’ earnings have the potential to provide one the few sectors with growth and expanding cash flows 


Housing Rollover Historically Unemployment Precursor

The housing market is feeling the weight of 30-year mortgage rates doublingto 7% so far this year with both new and existing homes sales declining markedly.  A major component of the U.S. economy is set to unleash higher unemployment if the above chart plays out. Does the Fed react to unemployment or continue its inflation fight?  

U.S. Dollar Strength a Crisis in the Making?

Scramble for U.S. dollar liquidity in the past has coincided with major economic events requiring a central bank liquidity response.  Does a crisis provide cover for Fed and Powell for the next bazooka monetary policy move? If the Fed pivots with inflation still running hot to avoid a market crisis the Fed’s institutional credibility will be seriously questioned, in our opinion,  Wall Street and  equity markets will most likely rejoice with the return of the punch bowl. 


Nouriel Roubini – Good Bloomberg Interview Summarizing Market Risks

Nouriel Roubini, who called the 2008 GFC, had a good interview with Bloomberg last week. He describes the debt trap as well as the current game of chicken between the Treasury and the Fed.  Watch here.

Gold – Bull market in most currencies….waiting on gold to break out in U.S. dollars.


 Gold Priced in USD Down Seven Months in a Row – Yet Physical Demand Strong

Gold prices in October suffered the seventh consecutive monthly decline for the first time since 1968, the year the London Gold Pool was abandoned.  The London Gold Pool was spearheaded by the U.S. and a number of European central banks to maintain the gold price at $35/oz.  As spending on the Vietnam War ballooned the U.S. fiscal deficit and civil rights and anti-war protests dominated the news, the market was taking all the physical gold it could get at $35. Not wanting to lose all its gold, central banks gave up the peg at $35.  

The parallels to 1968 to 2022 are interesting. Physical precious metals products are trading at a premium with silver Eagle coins fetching a 50% premium to spot currently.  Though the prices of both gold and silver have been going down since April, the precious metals market is being cleaned out of physical at current prices across the U.S. and Europe, similar to 1968.  With the unleashing of inflation along with code red geopolitical tensions, one has to ask if the gold market is being “managed” again? Paul Volker advocated “influencing” the gold price to keep inflation expectations anchored. Perhaps Powell is using that page of the playbook.  As the breakup of the London Gold Pool showed, there is a limit to gold price suppression.  


Federal fiscal deficit set to soar 

Federal Interest expense exploding. Add 8.7% COLA on entitlement programs and along with other COLA increases and the Federal deficit could explode with a recession.Gold historically 92% correlated to total federal debt since Nixon closed gold window in 1971.

Source: @NorthmanTrader

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