OCM Gold Fund Designated “Best Precious Metals Equity Fund” by Refinitv Lipper in 2021 and 2022 over 3-, 5-, 10- year Measurement Periods.

LIVERMORE, CA (March 14, 2022) – Orrell Capital Management (OCM) announced today that the OCM Gold Fund, Advisors Class (ticker: OCMAX) has received the 2022 Lipper Fund Award in the United Stated from Refinitiv for “Best Precious Metals Equity Fund” over all three measurement categories, the three, five, and ten-year periods ending November 30, 2021[i].

            “The Refinitiv Lipper Fund Awards honor those funds which had the highest score in the Lipper Leader rating for Consistent Returns over the three-, five- and/or 10-year periods ending November 30, 2021.” said Tom Rosen, Head of Refnitiv Lipper Research    “These ratings are calculated using a risk-adjusted return model that is based on the effective return of the fund over multiple non-overlapping periods—within the respective three-, five-, and/or 10-year horizons. The calculations over multiple periods ensure that all periods in which a fund underperforms the average of its peer group are identified.”

            “We are proud to receive the 2022 Refinitiv Lipper Award for the OCM Gold Fund.” said Greg Orrell, President, and Senior Portfolio Manager of OCM.  “Being recognized for the second consecutive year across the 3,5 & 10-year periods and third consecutive year for the 3- and 10-year periods is not only a testament to the performance of the fund versus its peers over all three time periods awarded but is also confirmation of our investment process rooted in our experience and singular focus on the precious metals equity space.”

            “The current high inflation environment is a result of the aggressive monetary policies of the past 20+ years along with structural labor and supply dynamics that we believe will take years to normalize.  In our opinion, the long-term purchasing power of the U.S. dollar is threatened, reinforcing OCM’s long-held view that owning gold related assets is an important component of a well-diversified investment portfolio” added Mr. Orrell.   

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About Orrell Capital Management:
For more than 20 years, Orrell Capital Management (OCM) has been providing investors specialized active investment management in precious metals equities.  OCM has a strong belief and understanding in gold’s monetary attributes and seeks to deliver investment performance through a disciplined approach utilizing our in-depth knowledge of gold’s monetary attributes and the precious metals mining industry.

About Refinitiv Lipper Fund Awards:
The highly respected Refinitiv Lipper Awards have honored funds and fund management firms for more than 30 years and in more than 17 countries that have excelled in providing consistently strong risk -adjusted performance relative to their peers and focus the investment world on top-funds.  The merit of the winners is based on entirely objective, quantitative criteria.  This coupled with the unmatched depth of fund data, results in a unique level of prestige and ensures the award has lasting value.  Renowned fund data and proprietary methodology is the foundation of this prestigious award qualification, recognizing excellence in fund management.  Find out more at www.lipperfundawards.com.


[i] OCM Gold Fund: Advisors Class Best Fund out of 17 eligible investment companies for the three and five-year periods and 15 eligible investment companies for the ten-year periods ending 11/31/2021 based on consistent annualized total returns.

The Refinitiv Lipper Fund Awards, granted annually, highlight funds and fund companies that have excelled in delivering consistently strong risk-adjusted performance relative to their peers.

The Refinitiv Lipper Fund Awards are based on the Lipper Leader for Consistent Return rating, which is a risk adjusted performance measure calculated over 36,60 and 120 months.  The fund with the highest Lipper Leader for Consistent Return (Effective Return) value in each eligible classification wins the Refinitiv Lipper Fund Award.  For more information see lipperfundawards.com Although Refinitiv Lipper makes reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the data contained herein, the accuracy is not guaranteed by Refinitiv Lipper.

Please carefully consider a fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. Please refer to the Prospectus for important information about the investment company including investment objective, risks, charges, and expenses, which should be considered carefully before investing.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results.  There is no guarantee that the Fund will achieve its objective.  Diversification does not ensure a profit or guarantee against loss.  The prices of securities of gold and precious metals producers have been subject to substantial price fluctuations over short periods of time and may be affected by unpredictable international monetary and political developments, such as currency devaluations or revaluations, economic and social conditions within a country, trade imbalances, or trade or currency restrictions between countries. The prices of gold and other precious metals may decline versus the dollar, which would adversely affect the market prices of the securities of gold and precious metals producers. Because the Fund concentrates its investments in the gold mining industry, a development adversely affecting that industry (for example, changes in the mining laws which increase production costs) would have a greater adverse effect on the Fund than it would if the Fund invested in a number of different industries.

OCM Gold Fund is distributed by Northern Lights Distributors, LLC Member FINRA/SIPC
Orrell Capital Management, Inc.  and Northern Lights Distributors, LLC are not affiliated entities.

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